Airline Risk Ratings

The Airline Risk Calculator (ARC) is a risk analysis tool that assists companies keep their personnel safe by providing detailed information and relative risk ratings for scheduled airlines from all over the world, as well as alerts and expert analysis when significant industry events occur.

With international business taking travellers to more out of the way places, and increasing corporate insistence on high safety standards in all areas of business, responsibility for employee safety includes risk assessment of travel to and from business locations. This is particularly the case when travel involves flights on lesser known airlines or airlines with a recent accident history.

With deeply researched airline reports and expert aviation analysis, you can make a systematic approach to managing traveller risk that discharges your duty of care, while allowing you to select competitive airlines without sacrificing traveller safety.

Each airline is awarded a risk rating (out of 10) which can be used for comparison and assisting in the development of company travel guidelines.

The Airline Risk Calculator is accessed via this website and offers detailed information on the world’s airlines. Reviews of each carrier take into account:

  • Accident and incident record
  • Fleet composition, as well as individual aircraft types and age
  • Maintenance arrangements
  • Regional airline safety factors
  • Country security and regulatory oversight
  • Technical partnerships and affiliations
  • Commercial alliances and financial stability

Subscribers can generate risk scores for individual airline routes that take into account safety factors from point of destination and departure, as well as producing PDF reports for travellers. Subscription also provides alerts whenever a major industry event occurs, as well as monthly reports on which scores have changed and why.



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