WestWind Aviation crash initial findings
April 01, 2018
The initial investigation into the WestWind Aviation accident, which resulted in an ATR-42 impacting ground shortly after take-off, has found the aircraft had not been properly de-iced prior to departure. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) reported the aircraft had experienced icing conditions in the previous landing at Fond-du-Lac. As is normal procedure, the aircraft anti-icing systems were engaged however, residual ice remained attached to parts of the airframe, which subsequently resulted in degraded aerodynamic performance for the following flight.

Russian pilots to be re trained
April 01, 2018
The Russian Federal air transport regulator, Rosaviatsia, has offered to re-train and re-certify pilots whose commercial certification was cancelled by the regulator. South Ural State University in Chelyabinsk reportedly did not possess the necessary permits and qualified personnel to train and certify commercial pilot licences. This resulted in Rosaviatsia cancelling over 45 certifications with a further 19 under investigation.

Southwest Airlines engine failure
April 01, 2018
A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 was climbing out of LaGuardia Airport, passing through 32,000 feet, when the left engine sustained an uncontained failure, subsequently causing debris to be ejected and impact the air frame. A passenger window was shattered as a result of the debris impact which then caused the cabin to depressurize. This prompted the flight crew to initiate an emergency descent and divert to Philadelphia International Airport where the aircraft performed a safe landing. A passenger sustained fatal injuries as a result of the debris impacting their window. A post flight inspection found that the aircraft sustained substantial damage.


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