EAS routes cut
October 31, 2017
The US Department of Transportation (DOT) announced in early October that a number of Essential Air Services Routes (EAS), a program which provides air transport to remote regions throughout North America, will be removed from eligibility due to the lack of regular passengers. The DOT stated that regions require at least 10 daily passengers to continue to receive cost subsidies. Destinations such as Muscle Shoals, Salina, Hagerstown, Pendleton and Vernal have all been affected as a result. The communities of these towns have been given 20 days to lodge objections or petitions regarding the decision.

Philippine Airlines to finally pay fees
October 31, 2017
After several years of disagreements, state carrier, Philippine Airlines, announced it would pay an estimated USD 117 Million to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) over unpaid airport and air navigation fees. The move reportedly came following a threat issued by the Philippine president, who stated that the airline would be shut down if the debt is not repaid. Repayment negotiations had begun in mid 2016, which resulted in the Department of Transport threatening serious legal repercussions if the issue was not resolved.

Sudan sanctions removed
October 31, 2017
The sanctions placed on Sudan Airways and other Sudanese government owned companies was lifted in mid October after a ruling by the US Government. The country had previously been subject to several economic sanctions due to the suspicions of terrorist support and involvement. Sudan’s Ministry of Transport welcomed the changes and noted the adverse effect the sanctions had on the country’s airlines and economy. It was stated that the main priority at this time would be to recover the funding and aircraft spare parts that were confiscated during the initial wave of sanctions


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