Boeing reveals hypersonic airliner concept
August 01, 2018
Aircraft manufacturing giant, Boeing, has unveiled it’s concept for a hypersonic passenger carrying aircraft, that was originally announced over a year ago, however for military applications. Boeing officials announced plans for these aircraft types to enter mainstream commercial operation within the next two decades. Hypersonic, by definition is, an object/vehicle that can operate at speeds greater than or equal to Mach 5.0 (~6125km/h).

ATR Deliveries blocked
August 01, 2018
Aircraft manufacturer ATR has been forced to suspend its deliveries to state carrier, Iran Air, following the reinstatement of US government sanctions against Iran. Company officials have applied to US authorities for a renewed licence which would circumvent the sanctions and enable them to complete the original delivery of turbo-prop aircraft.

EgyptAir crash roadblock
August 01, 2018
French investigators of the BEA, assisting in the investigation of the fatal EgyptAir Flight 804 crash, have openly criticised the investigation after the inquiry was transferred over to judicial authorities. Whilst the BEA have indicated the likely cause of the crash was fire originating in the avionics bay, Egyptian authorities reported to have found explosive residue on passenger remains and as such, the investigation was handed over to criminal and legal authorities. EgyptAir Flight 804 was operating a flight from Paris to Cairo in mid-2016, when it impacted the Mediterranean Sea, killing all 66 on board.


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